About Us

Intermedika Consulting provides corporate advisory services to hospitals, healthcare companies, investors, governments and health tourism promotion boards around the world.

Our team is comprised of senior consulting, hospital management and marketing professionals with a track record of growing profitable businesses, market leading brands and shareholder value.

Intermedika’s principals are the business and brand architects behind the transformation of Bumrungrad International Hospital from a 250-bed general hospital in Bangkok, Thailand into the world’s leading medical travel destination and Asia’s premier private medical center.

Intermedika Consulting is different from other consulting firms, because:

  • Our team is comprised of proven healthcare professionals with years of hands-on experience operating hospitals internationally.
  • Collectively, we have experience designing, commissioning, operating, marketing and branding private hospitals, clinics and academic medical centers in the USA, Middle East, Latin America and Asia.
  • We have the ability draw from a deep well of subject matter experts in virtually all areas healthcare.

Our services reflect the needs of hospital owners and operators who want to rationalize, capitalize, operationalize and internationalize their businesses, and of healthcare investors who need guidance identifying and vetting investment opportunities.

Our value proposition is simple: we’ve run big hospitals, built iconic brands and understand international markets.

Our Team

Curtis J. Schroeder

Curtis Schroeder is an accomplished healthcare executive with over 30 years of senior management experience in acute hospital, international hospital, ambulatory care and academic medical center management.

In his 16 years with Tenet Healthcare, Mr. Schroeder opened and operated hospitals in the Middle East, New Orleans and California, including the USC University Hospital in Los Angeles. In his 17 years at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, he led the team to transform a modest private hospital in Bangkok to become the largest private medical center in Asia with over 100 facilities in eight countries and a market capitalization of US$ 1 billion.

Mr. Schroeder is widely considered the pioneer of “medical travel” and is a leading industry expert and spokesman on global medical care. He has appeared in leading international media including CBS 60 Minutes, ABC World Report, BBC, Newsweek, Time Magazine, the Economist and many others.

Mr. Schroeder is known for his ability to bring creativity and innovation to complex situations and his capacity to operate effectively in diverse cultural environments bringing a style that employs good humor, strong ethics and a sense of fair play. He has a personal interest in strategic positioning of healthcare businesses and in the design of highly customer-focused systems and facilities.

Ruben Toral

Ruben Toral is a healthcare branding and marketing executive with over 18 years experience building healthcare businesses, hospital brands and physician networks in Asia and Latin America.

Recognized as the “man behind the Bumrungrad brand”, Ruben positioned Bumrungrad into the world’s leading medical tourism destination. In his role as Chief Marketing Officer for Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, Ruben doubled international patient volume from 195,000 to 435,000 international patients, and trebled international patient revenue from 1.1 to 3.3 billion Baht in 6 years.

Ruben is an external advisor to the Joint Commission International Task Force on Globalization and past president of the International Medical Travel Association. He is also the founder of Medeguide, a web portal connecting patients and doctors online.

Ruben engineers creative and innovative solutions to marketing and branding challenges, and his work has been featured in a wide range of business publications (Fast Company, Business Week, Modern Healthcare, Financial Times) and in the best selling book on globalization: Aerotropolis: How We Will Live Next.

Vilasna Poonpatpibul

Vilasna Poonpatpibul is a Fulbright Scholar with a Master’s degree in Engineering from Stanford University. She is an accomplished business strategist who has worked with some of the world’s leading technology and consulting companies, including IBM, Intel Corporation and Boston Consulting Group.

Vilasna is fluent in English and Thai, and has over 20 years experience leading teams in corporate strategy, planning, new market entry, customer value management, and organizational and operational improvement for clients in industries spanning telecommunications, retail, healthcare, property development and financial services.

Vilasna’s strong analytical and problem solving skills combined with deep knowledge of corporate strategy and planning make her an invaluable asset for clients who want to create or capture value in specific products and markets.

Connie Ma

Connie Ma has a Master’s degree in Nursing from UCLA, and 35 years of experience in hospital management and setting up safety and quality management systems for hospitals and clinics around the world.

Connie has held senior nursing and management positions including Chief Nursing Officer, Managed Care Director, Rehabilitation Administrator and Hospital Senior Vice President. She also has worked as a Joint Commission surveyor for 14 years in the US, and as a surveyor for Joint Commission International in over 10 countries.

Fluent in English and Chinese, Connie understands Joint Commission, Joint Commission International, and American Nursing Association standards, and has helped prepare over 15 hospitals and clinics in Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Malaysia obtain their initial JCI surveys and triennial surveys.

Lawrence Koh

Lawrence Koh is a supply chain management expert with over 25 years experience working for some of the largest private hospitals in Asia and the Middle East, including Parkway’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Bumrungrad International and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

A Singaporean national, Lawrence is a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, a Certified Materials & Resource Professional with the American Hospital Association, and an active member of the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management in the USA.

Fluent in English and Chinese, Lawrence has a wealth of experience working internationally on projects with diverse teams and payment models for hospitals in the UAE, China, Myanmar and Thailand. His expertise is developing purchasing systems, building supply chains, integrating ERP and HIS platforms and cultivating people and processes around a framework of ethics and personal responsibility.

Tiwaporn Kuntasuwon

Tiwaporn Kuntasuwon has a Master’s degree in Accounting and Commerce and over 20 years experience developing accounting systems for top private hospitals in Asia, including Bumrungrad International, Asian Hospital and Franco Vietnam hospital.

Tiwaporn is a certified CPA with certificates in Internal Auditing, Tax Law, and Auditing of Information Systems. She has worked as an auditor for KPMG Peat Marwick, and has nearly 20 years experience in progressive management positions with Bumrungrad International hospital culminating as Senior Division Director for Accounting and Finance.

Fluent in English and Thai, Tiwaporn has extensive international work experience in Asia and regularly participates in Hospital Financial Management training courses in the USA and Asia.