Medical Tourism & International Patient Programs

There are thousands of hospitals entering the medical tourism space with the goal of becoming the next Bumrungrad International. We understand that, because we are the business and brand architects behind Bumrungrad International Hospital, the icon for the medical tourism industry.

The benefits of medical tourism are many — new patients, higher acuity, longer length of stay — but it is also comes at a cost.  Too often hospitals anchor their medical tourism ambitions on hype and hope rather than on strategies based on business realities and service capabilities.

As hospital executives, we understand the business of developing successful international patient programs.  We work with hospitals to define their positioning, products and programs to compete for high value medical tourists. Our value comes from experience building THE brand in the medical tourism space, and helping organizations around the world define their competencies in this lucrative but highly competitive market segment.

If your organization is thinking about how to build or expand its medical tourism footprint, then talk to us first.  We help organizations understand the REAL costs and complexities of developing and marketing healthcare services to an international audience.

Medical tourism readiness review.  Is your organization ready for medical tourism?  We help clients understand critical success factors and best practices that separate the winners from the pretenders.

Medical tourism strategy and planning.  How does your organization plan to compete against the myriad of hospitals and medical tourism promotion boards for international patients?  It all starts with a realistic and well-articulated strategy.

Medical tourism program development.  What services and clinical programs will differentiate your organization from the others?  We help identify the whitespace in a crowded market.