Hospital Business Reviews

From time to time all businesses get stuck and need help getting unstuck.  Intermedika Consulting specializes in 30-day, fixed price hospital business reviews led by a team of  proven healthcare professionals with extensive international experience.

We don’t look at one thing; we look at everything — business planning, operations, financial performance, physician activity, clinical programs, marketing, positioning and branding.  We work collaboratively with your team in this interactive and iterative process to give us a snapshot into the people, the business and key themes that materially impact growth, margins and quality of service delivery.

We understand that hospital owners and operators don’t want theories; they want actionable insight that addresses real business issues. What you get from Intermedika Consulting is just that — practical insight, documented findings, and actionable recommendations.

The engagement typically covers a 30-day period and involves:

  • Pre-visit data review
  • 5 day on site assessment
  • Findings and recommendation report

Our value proposition is simple: We are proven hospital operators that deliver twice the value at half the cost of large, multi-specialty consulting firms.