Hospital Business Reviews


Let’s face it. From time to time all businesses get stuck and need help getting unstuck.  Intermedika Consulting specializes in hospital business reviews to help operators and investors identify problem areas that may be choking operations, capping growth or compromising margins.

Intermedika Consulting works with your team to identify parts of the business that are broken (or breaking).  We focus on positioning, processes, profitability and the patient experience.  As senior hospital executives, we know where to look and what to look for.

Our team is comprised of experts in management, operations and marketing and branding.  We don’t look at one thing; we look at everything.  Our business reviews are designed to be quick, insightful and practical.  Our job is to help you unlock the value that is trapped in your business and business processes.

Intermedika works collaboratively with your senior management to perform an on-site diagnostic assessment of the business lasting between 3 – 5 days.  We review operations and financial performance, programs and services, physician activity, brand positioning and marketing spend, as well as conduct interviews with key managers, tour facilities and test services.

This interactive and iterative discovery process gives us a snapshot of the business and reveals key themes that materially affect and influence the business.  We specialize in using your data and recast it to generate new business intelligence.

What you get from Intermedika Consulting is thoughtful insight, practical advice and specific recommendations from people who have built successful hospital business and brands.  We understand that hospital owners and operators don’t want theories; they want actionable insight that addresses real problems.

Our hospital business review engagement typically covers a 30-day period and involves a:

  • Pre-visit data request and review
  • 3-5 day on site assessment
  • Findings and recommendation report

Intermedika Consulting works on a fixed fee all-inclusive basis, and our value proposition is simple:  We are proven hospital operators with extensive international experience that can deliver twice the value at half the cost of large brand name consulting firms.